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Bring a piece of The County to your home

Mainely Aroostook Candle Co

Inspired by the sights, scents, and towns of  Northern Maine

When most people think of Maine, they think of lobsters and blueberries. Up here in Maine’s largest county, affectionately known as The County, we have moose, potatoes, the Allagash, and millions of acres of forest. Each candle is named after either a town in Aroostook County or a geographical area of Maine.


Hand poured in Presque Isle

All candles are poured and shipped by Kendyl Reis in Mapleton, Maine. Most candles are made to order and processing time will be 1-3 Business days after order is placed.

The Move to Aroostook

In the summer of 2021, I got a job that brought me up to Aroostook county. I moved from Connecticut, though I was born and raised in Wisconsin. Having spent the prior few years in Connecticut, I was thrilled to be moving to an area that was so much like my home state. And while we don’t have lobster in land locked Wisconsin, we do have the wildlife and forests and I’ve never felt more at home than here in Aroostook County.

I’ve always enjoyed helping my mom make candles for her own business and I was inspired to create a candle line based on my new home. It’s fun and interesting how many businesses here incorporate “Maine” in their title (I even find myself typing maine instead of main sometimes) and I think it’s funny so I decided to do that too. Thus the Mainely Aroostook Candle Co was created.

I live in Mapleton with my wonderful boyfriend, our two floofy blue eyed- white furred cats, and our sweetheart bernese mountain dog.

- Kendyl Reis

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